1) This website uses cookies. Cookies are small amount of information that are stored on a user´s computer when the user visits a website. Cookies do not store personal data, thus for the identification of the user is not possible. Its main function is to keep a track of users, or get information about browsing habits. Cookies are essential for internet functions, providing many advantages to interactive services offered.

Nevertheless, the shared use of any cookies between the different websites has awakened the public concern in the context of the personalization of advertising. The information provided below will help you understand the different types of cookies.

According to the way that cookies are stored

  • Sesion cookies: Are temporary cookies that remain on the user’s computer until the user leaves the website, thus for, no cookie stays registered in the user’s hard drive. Web browsers normally deletes session cookies when the user closes the browser. The information obtained through these cookies, is used to analyse traffic patterns on the web.
  •  Permanent / persistent cookies: are saved on the hard drive and our website is reading them every time that you are revisiting our website. A permanent web site has a predetermined expiration date. Cookies, stored on the hard drive will stop functioning after that predetermined day. It has been used, in general, to ease services like registration and shopping services, to remember settings and preferences on user´s browser. Some of them are, language selection, theme selection, menu preferences, internal bookmarks of the website, etc.

According to the level of relation with the user

  • First-party cookies: come from the website that you are viewing e.g.(www.name_of_the_website.com) and normally are linked to the own performance of the services or tasks for web analytics.
  • Third party cookies: are linked to alternative domain names from the same provider or from external, specialized in advertising campaign management, personalization or web analytics. While initially all browsers accept first-party cookies, some of theme disable third-party cookies under the requested action expressed by the user.

Levels of intrusiveness

The above mentioned cookies can be classified by the criteria of “level of intrusiveness” in a scale from 1 to 3.

  • Level 1: corresponds to internal used cookies, essential for the provision of self-service requested by the user.
  • Level 2: corresponds with anonymous cookies for internal use, necessary for the maintenance of the content and navigation, as well as cookies managed by third party parties, unless explicitly requested by the user, on the websites of those services e.g. (Social plugins Facebook or Twitter).
  • Level 3: corresponds with cookies managed by third-parties in a service framework not expressly requested by the user, which permit the tracking of the user throughout websites that the owner of this website does not own. (e g. graphic advertising platforms). The specification of this level is accompanied by the name of the owner. The use of level 3 cookies is subject to prior permission of the user through express confirmation of acceptance.

2) For the cookies used by our website, we distinguish:

  • Strictly necessary cookies: For the correct navigation and/or identification of the user’s session.
  • Three-party cookies: Cookies used by social networks and/or external services like google maps.
  • Analytic cookies: Cookies with a purpose of periodical maintenance in order to ensure the best possible service to the user. Usually websites make use of “Analytical” cookies to collect statistical data of the activity

The information collected from this type of cookies will be in any case anonymous, with no possible sense of establishing a link between navigation patterns and physical persons.

In regards to third-party cookies for the personalization of advertising spaces, this web does not use AD servers or consequently, cookies related to them for profiling based on preferences and behavior. In case that we decide to do it you will be given the choice to accept or reject these cookies using a prior and express form for your remission.
3) Cookies in relation to Ebader.com

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4)  The user can freely decide whether or not wants to permit the installation of cookies used by our website on his hard drive. The user can decide whether he accepts or not, the introduction of the cookies by following the procedure established in the help section on his browser.

The user can also accept or reject the effect of all cookies or to receive a screen notification of the reception of each cookie and choose the implantation/installation onto his hard drive throughout browser’s configuration. Many browsers permit a function/mode (private mode, incognito mode, private browsing) that deletes cookies after the end of the session with the website. Based on each browser, the name of that mode/ function may be different

If a user configures his browser in a way to refuse all cookies or expressively reject out cookies, his navigation in our website ebader.com could be slower or experience an unexpected error. In all cases if a user, continues with the navigation to our website, we consider that the user accepts that, this website ebader.com uses cookies and all the related conditions. In advance we provide/suggest three links that the user can consult as a reference to cookies administration and handling, including the refusal or total or partial acceptance: